Seniors: Your Life Insurance Could Be a Source of Income

What to consider before letting your life insurance policy lapse.

COVID-19 HAS INCREASED everyone’s anxiety, and people of all ages now face questions about their own mortality and end of life. Estate planning lawyers are experiencing a boom in business, and people are creating advance directives. All of this contingency planning is a way to reduce anxiety while planning for the unknown. I have always believed planning in advance for your aging – physically, financially and emotionally – is key to quality aging, no matter what.

One particular area that's often overlooked (maybe because it's confusing) is life insurance. The pandemic has caused many people to re-evaluate their financial resources and life insurance policies. Ever since Benjamin Franklin helped start the first life insurance company in the U.S. in 1759, life insurance has been a key part of our lives and financial planning. Today, the U.S. is the leading life insurance premium-writing country in the world, with more than 290 million life insurance policies.

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