Looking for a Few Mission-Oriented Companies!

Hi folks. We are at a crucial stage in the development of Sage Stream, the Senior Education and Entertainment Network. I can no longer self-fund this endeavor and do not particularly want to go to angel investors or capital funding. 

I know many of my connections work for well-known brands and frankly I need your help. Sponsorship with the right organization will propel Sage Stream and strongly support the brand of the sponsoring organization. 

If your company targets the growing over 65 population living in senior communities and aging in place, you can align your strategy to enhance their access to vibrant entertainment and education content. Improving quality of life while combating senior isolation are issues worth supporting.

You might be a pharmaceutical company, long-term care insurer, a Walgreens or CVS or a financial services company trying to position yourself with seniors.

We believe that we have a winning value proposition that can meet client needs:
-Music contributes to health and well-being and better health outcomes, reducing costs and improving quality of life.
-Price Proposition - Sage Stream is the most affordable option in the market. Sage Stream can be utilized as a backup activity resource or it can be the focus of activities for organizations that are budget and staff compromised.
-By alleviating staff burden, we contribute to staff wellness, decrease burnout and make the organization a valued place to work. In an era of people re-evaluating work and assisted living communities facing severe staff shortages, coming to work with a community that offers tools for success could be an employment draw.

Combating social isolation, responding to the issues of the day, and engaging youth through intergenerational socialization (and tech help!) further contribute to the rich offering we provide. 

Want to come on board? Just reply here or message me.