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Vaccine Mandates / The Best and Worst States for Senior Care

A new Ziegler CFO Hotline poll showed that ten percent of providers are mandating vaccinations for new or current staff with 12% “highly likely” and 37% “somewhat likely” to make them mandatory. Slightly more than half (51%) of the 90% not currently mandating vaccinations said they were “not at all likely” to mandate them.

The new Ziegler poll also showed that the average staff vaccination rate rose from 62% in March to 67% in May.

Speaking personally, if I am choosing a senior care facility, I would put vaccination rates and mandates on my checklist to evaluate. Though my mom has passed (five years tomorrow), I would have evaluated care facilities and chose those who had the highest vaccination rates. That to me somewhat assures the safety of mom or dad.

While I personally believe in mandates in healthcare, it would be interesting to know whether high-vaccinated care homes are also mandated ones. Perhaps there is a correlation, maybe not.

Best and Worst States for Elderly Healthcare

MedicareGuide looked at multiple factors such as prescription drug prices, doctors per capita and life expectancy to determine which states offered the best (and worst) healthcare for adults over 65.

They compared all 50 states and Washington, D.C. to find out how they rank across measures of cost, access and quality.

Minnesota ranked first; Oklahoma last.

They used 24 relevant metrics, related to quality, access and cost. They determined each state’s and the District’s weighted averages across all metrics to calculate its overall score. Here is what they measured.

  • Average Monthly Insurance Premium: Full Weight

  • Share of High Out-of-Pocket Medical Spending: Full Weight 

  • Prescription Drug Prices Per Capita: Full Weight 

  • Nursing/Assisted Living Home Per Capita: Full Weight 

  • Average Medicare Supp Premium of Plans: Full Weight

  • Average Medicare Advantage Premium of Plans: Full Weight 

  • Average Max Out-of-Pocket for Medicare Advantage Plans: Full Weight 

  • Average Part D Deductible: Full Weight 

  • Quality of Public Hospital System: Full Weight

  • Physicians Per Capita: Full Weight

  • Geriatricians Per Capita: Full Weight 

  • Nurse Practitioners Per Capita: Full Weight 

  • Home Health Aides Per Capita: Full Weight 

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities Per Capita: Full Weight

  • Medicare Certified Rural Health Clinics Per Rural Population: Full Weight 

  • Share of Doctors Who Opt out of Medicare: Full Weight 

  • Number of Part D Plans Per State: Full Weight

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Rate: Full Weight 

  • Life Expectancy: Full  Weight

  • Cancer Mortality Rate: Full Weight 

  • Stroke Disease Rate: Full Weight 

  • Heart Disease Rate: Full Weight

  • Share of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: Full Weight 

  • Fall Deaths Rate Per 100,000: Full Weight