Monitoring Technology Also Helps Caregiver Health

Home Sensors Relieve Stress

A new study looked at how installed sensors (which track people’s movements, including the use of doors, stoves, water and medicine cabinets) relieved caregiver anxiety.

“Caregivers who received the maximum number of sensors and were able to respond to alerts experienced a significant decline in anxiety after the first three months of the experiment.”

We know that caregiver health is paramount. And while these technologies were ultimately designed to help keep mom and dad safe, the very fact that they relieve anxiety helps to keep positive mental health for caregivers.

Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions

I am working with Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions. They have a monitoring system for home and senior living use that I believe is extraordinary for many reasons. 

Using radar technology, it detects falls as well as the presence and duration of a person in a room. Unlike most sensors that only detect presence if you walk in front of a beam, Tranquility can monitor continuously.

An array of sensors complement the main unit including: panic button, smoke/CO2 detection, stove, doors and windows, and more. 

Unlike PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems), there is no need to wear anything. It has been shown many people do not or forget to wear pendants. Often when a senior falls, they will delay calling anyone as they attempt to get up. Tranquility Systems know when someone has fallen immediately. 

There are no cameras and there are no listening devices. 

The dashboard available to family caregivers and senior communities is comprehensive and easy to use. Up to 10 people can receive alerts.

I am including video links to their personal product - LIBERATE - and their senior living option - EMBRACE. The technology is affordable and the monitoring inexpensive by comparable standards. The first video provides a great overview; the second how we apply it specifically for senior living.

Contact me if interested to know more.